The Love for Travel.

Journeying with us will ensure that our clients go through a whole new level of travel experience that we aim to put forward by ensuring that client satisfaction is met with utmost priority. The larger picture of the project is to enable tourism that enhances tourism not merely for the sake of travel but to explore the new land and consequently, one’s own self.

See Turkey in a different way

The Road Tales stands unique from the rest of the ventures that exist by intending to provide services that are custom-tailored according to the client’s needs and requirements. Whoever the client is and whatever their desired mode of travel be, our assistance throughout the travel will be top-notch and professional. Our multilingual guides will step in, in need of communication with the locals and ensure that our clients are not taken advantage of their unfamiliarity in the new place.

Enjoy your journey like a family/friends.

The Road Tales credits in assuring that our clients will be assisted by our certified travel guides from the moment they land at the destination country to the moment they leave for their home, i.e. we ensure that our services are provided round the clock for our clients from and to the airport and all the times in between. Our guides are professionals as well as multilingual who can handle the local languages fluently since at least some the countries might need this kind of assistance. 

With Theroadtales, we got one of the most memorable trips, taking care of everything from Airport to Airport. And with TheRoadTales offering us tailor-made packages, we had the opportunity to go to the places we wished for and do the things that we wanted to do. They gave us the experience of a solo trip in a package custom made for just you, with your own dedicated photographer (Thank you for the lovely and memorable photos, Azeer!). Thank you Azeer and Theroadtales.

Sometimes even the not-so-interesting destination turns out to be one of the most memorable trips when you get a person along who puts in all effort to make it the best. One such person was Azeer. Throughout the 12 days of our getaway to turkey, he’s been a friend and part of our family. He put himself into our positions and made sure everything goes well and comfortable with three kids on the go. We cannot put into enough words of how well he planned out our journey from one stop to the next and remarkably maintaining safety and respecting our needs and comfort. We’re always grateful to you for having you with us throughout our most loved and memorable trip. It wouldn’t have been so dear to our hearts if you weren’t a part of it.

It is our pleasure to be introduced to this operator through one of our friends. When I was planning a trip with my toddler, I had many questions in mind. They were so supportive and helpful, and because of them this trip has become a lasting memory for us. The entire trip was overseen by Azeer, who made sure the little details were taken care of and made us feel comfortable. We received a comprehensive tour of everything in a short period of time, covering every corner and cranny. Hence, our Turkey trip will remain cherished in our hearts as a good memory. The Road Tales will certainly be recommended to all my friends and acquaintances...